A Simple CMS

A Simple Content Management Solution

Content management systems (CMS) store and manage an organization's electronic document and Web content so that even the non-technical authors and employee of the company can reuse the information across different applications which is otherwise done by technical programmers. The web published content can also be distributed to customers and business partners outside the organization.

Content management system enables you to establish a consistent look and feel throughout your site, but gives your non-technical content authors the power to publish and update their own content using simple, but powerful, browser-based tools. Some of the CMS systems integrate with content delivery applications to deliver the content via a web site.

With numerous OPEN SOURCE Content Management Tools available on the web, none of them was SIMPLE. Designers4Web always emphazises on Simplicity. We felt the need of a Content Management System (CMS) thats is pretty straight forward


  • Single Page Template
  • Title, Keywords for SEO
  • A Simple Admin Panel
  • Add / Edit Pages

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