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Whether your business already has an internal software development team and is looking to increase capacityy, or you are looking to build new capability, Godel's Extended Software Development Team model will provide a market-leading solution to meet your needs. . The case for adopting a Godel Extended Software Development Team is clear. As an extremely competitive marketplace with high levels of staff turnover, the software development industry sees a continual battle for top-level talent.


We develop quality software and applications from 2012. Today our team delivers custom software and provides outsourced software development for start-ups and solid companies in many countries of the world. At Hansuja Solutions Successful project begins from its idea development and implementation planning. Before we offer a solution, Shresta analyze the core of your project, its goals and perspectives, individual specific needs.


Hansuja Solutions is a software development provider who aims to deliver effective and quality solutions to our clients. To achieve this aim we begin quality assurance process at the stage of the product architecture creation and we end it at the moment of the ready product delivery. We do software testing to ensure that it meets the requirements, industry standards, security, has compliance with the business goals it was designed to achieve.

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